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Den Røde Cottage

Den Røde Cottage is located in idyllic settings a little north of Copenhagen's city centre. 

Here you can enjoy a cosy evening in the company of modern gourmet food, created by the restaurant’s experienced and reputable chefs.

The restaurant has been closed since the end of 2017, but opens again on March 10th 2018 with a new, young team of chefs and sommeliers. Throughout the last six years, Den Røde Cottage has had a Michelin star. When the new chef Simon Lerche takes over the kitchen, it happens with an ambition of getting back the star.

Den Røde Cottage is very popular in the local area, and the place’s philosophy is rooted in the forest by Klampenborg. The surrounding nature will be reflected in the restaurant’s menu, and its produce will be delivered from small farms in North Zealand.

Both three, five and seven course menus are available, and the food will be accompanied by a quality oriented wine menu.

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