Best streets of Nørrebro

Photo: Sebastian Himmelstrup

It can be hard to navigate the myriad of tiny streets of Nørrebro. Where to go, when time is little but you want to make the most of a day in Nørrebro. We've got you! Here's a tiny guide to some of the most happening and cozy streets in Nørrebro. We also suggest this digital guided tour.


Any random walk around the old narrow streets of Nørrebro will take you past quirky cafés and bars and cool independent shops. But a few streets are especially great to stroll, which you should definitely seek out if you want a true Nørrebro vibe. First off, the main strip, Nørrebrogade, is the beating heart of it all and is the place to stroll up and down for the best shawarma in the game and great lounging on the sidewalk with a coffee or drink in hand. But three specific side-streets are worth pinpointing for shopping, restaurants and cafés: Elmegade, Jægersborggade and Blågårdsgade.

Nørrebrogade is the beating heart of it all and is the place to stroll up and down for the best shawarma in the game and great lounging on the sidewalk with a coffee or drink in hand.

Elmegade on Nørrebro is like a perfect mixed bag of candy. A little bit of everything, from shopping, restaurants and bars.Photo:Jarvis Lawson


The tiny strip between bustling Nørrebrogade and Sankt Hans Square is a haven for shopping for the coolest Danish and international design brands. Most stores are just a few square metres big, put all with a carefully curated selection of designs, ranging from the latest sneaks, one-off jewelery or well known street brand such as Carhartt. Shop till you drop, and then head into one of the cozy cafés for a coffee or a beer. Or take it to-go to soak up a few rays by the fountain on Sankt Hans Square just at the end of the street. 

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Jægersborggade | Daniel Rasmussen

Jægersborggade is practically all you need in just a tiny stretch of cobblestones. Photo:Daniel Rasmussen


Once a gritty part of town, but now turned hip and happening street. Jægersborggade is a cobblestoned miracle right at the edge of green Assistens Cemetery. Over the last 10 years, the street has seen a boom in shop openings with some of the best gastronomy in town, the best coffee and more cool independent design and organic produce shops than you could possibly fathom on such a small stretch. With the likes of natural wine temples such as Terroiristen and specialty coffee institutions as The Coffee Collective you won't ever leave hungry or thirsty from Jægersborggade.

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Blågårdsgade is a side street to the main strip, Nørrebrogade, and is always buzzing with people in the many bars and cafés.Photo:Blågårdsgade | Martin Heiberg


In close proximity to the lakes, Blågårdsgade lies almost as a world of it's own. A clash of cultures on a narrow stretch of street. The first thing that meets the eye is the colours of the green grocers spreading out on the pedestrian-only street. Next is the smell of a plethora of world cuisines that line the street. From dumplings at GAO to Indian cuisine at Kates Joint and tacos at BlueTaco, there's something for most palates. And then, where Blågårdsgade really excels in in the variety of bar with outdoor seating, that are filled to the brim all year round.

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