Cobblestone streets in Swedish Malmö close to Copenhagen
Ideal for a day trip

1 trip, 2 countries!

Right across the sound from Copenhagen, a 38 minutes train ride away you’ll find the charming Swedish city of Malmö. A forward thinking city with a charming small town feeling. Seamless connections with Copenhagen makes it an ideal day trip.

Must do's in Malmö

Perfect for a day trip out of Copenhagen, Malmö is full of great shopping, architecture, cultural experiences, great food and friendly Swedes. Below are some things you don’t want to miss out on and some info on just how easy it is to get there.

Architectural highlights in Malmö and Copenhagen

1 trip, 2 countries - and 9 really good reasons why both Copenhagen and Malmö should be on your bucket list if you're into architecture .

Getting to Malmo from Copenhagen

Reaching Malmö from Copenhagen is fast and easy. The distance between Copenhagen and Malmö is only 30 km. Remember to bring your passport and you’re good to go with one of these means of transportation.

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

Perched on the beautiful sea shore, this outdoor bathing establishment, spa and restaurant takes you 100 years back in time. The historic Ribersb...

Malmö Saluhall

At this food market in walking distance from from Malmø Central Station, you’ll find a mecca of artisanal foodie goodies. A refurbished 1800s war...

Try the Swedish concept of "fika"

Basically a sweet afternoon cake and coffee. Who can resist that?

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