The place

Photo: Emilie Ristevski @helloemilie

Greater Copenhagen consists of Copenhagen, Sealand along with its islands, and Scania, the southernmost region of Sweden.

The area is far from vast, and even the most remote nook can be reached in just two hours if you have a car available.

In the north, you will find the greatest concentration of castles, beautiful beaches, cozy coastal towns and the market towns Hillerød and Elsinore - both of which have gorgeous city centers, culture, and local shopping. The north has the best public transportation options and you can easily get there with the Öresund train, S-train, local trains, and busses.

In the west, Odsherred and West Sealand are located. Both areas offer local food, wineries, hiking- and bike routes, breathtaking views and access to the rest of Denmark by either bridge or ferry. To get there you can catch an intercity train to Kalundborg and Slagelse, just as you can get on the train to Holbæk, from where you can catch the local train to Odsherred.    

In the south, you’ll be met by great nature experiences such as the Camp Adventure Tower and the white cliffs of Møn and Stevns. On the islands Lolland and Falster you can explore the open-air museum of the Middle Ages, Knuthenborg Safari Park, and a Crocodile Zoo – all sights that attract families with kids. The many cozy market towns of the south, such as Rødvig, Køge, and Vordingborg, can be reached by train, but we recommend a car if you want to head out into nature.

In the east, the pocket-sized city Malmö lures with food-, culture- and shopping experiences. Malmö is Sweden’s second city and is located a mere 25-minute train ride from Copenhagen. Since the city is in a different country you must bring your passport. It’s also possible to drive but getting on the Öresunds train is easy and comfortable.