Biking in central Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen's Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen spent most of his life in Copenhagen and several of the places that were the centre of his life can still be visited today.

Among these The Royal Danish Theatre, which played a huge role in his life as well as some of the cafés and homes he frequented. H.C. Andersen spent the majority of his life living in three different houses in Nyhavn and here he wrote some of his first fairy tales.

On H.C. Andersens Boulevard you can see one of the two statues of the writer in Copenhagen. The other one you will find in The King’s Garden. The most famous statue in Copenhagen is also linked to H.C. Andersen: The Little Mermaid, which today is a significant symbol of Copenhagen. H.C. Andersen died in 1875 and is buried in Assistens Kirkegård in Nørrebro, which is a beautiful place to visit and used as a park by locals.