The Grand Départ of the 2022 edition of the Tour de France will take place in Copenhagen on July 1st, where the world's greatest riders will take on 
the 13 km time trial in a fierce battle to win the very first yellow jersey of the race.

Starting in Copenhagen, the greatest bike city in the world, it will be the most northern starting point in Tour de France history. Considering the proud history of Danish Tour riders and winners, it's easy to imagine the excitement and love given by the locals as the race takes place in the Danish capital.

On this page we have collected all the information you need, to take part in the cycling crazy festivities.


The time trial starts at Nørre Farimagsgade at Ørstedsparken and continues across Dronning Louises Bro, which is the most bicycled stretch of pavement in the world. Every day, more than 40.000 cyclists cross the bridge, but on the 1st of July, the stretch is reserved for only the top riders of the world.

The 13 kilometers time trial stage will take the riders through Copenhagen at a blazing pace in the hunt for the very first yellow jersey of the Tour de France 2022.

Who will cross the finish line at Rådhuspladsen in the fastest time? Only time will tell.

In the first stage, it is expected for the first rider to take off at 16.00 and the last will cross the finish line before 20.00. Before the riders will take on the route, the Tour caravan will entertain the spectators in the classic Tour de France way.

Traffic information

During the time around the actual race, the traffic in Copenhagen will be affected in various ways. To get the best impression of how to get around and when to do it, you can check this interactive traffic map out.

Grand Départ Map - Copenhagen 2022
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To get all the information, news, events etc. regarding all the danish stages, visit the official site of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2022.

Official Grand Départ site


The day after the Grand Départ, the 2nd of July, you will be able to ride the exact same stage at your own speed. The route will be closed off for traffic and only cyclists will be able to ride the stage.

It’s all free and open for everyone to join. You don’t even have to sign up. You just show up with a bicycle. Either your own or a rented one. Check out our guide to finding a place to rent a bike.

Even though the route is the same, the start and finish will be moved to Fælledparken and along the route, there will be 11 hop-on/hop-off points where you can start and finish. And if you only want to ride part of it, that’s your choice.

The route will be open from 9.00.

In contrast to the Grand Départ, Tour de KBH is not a race. This is a celebration of everyday cycling for young and old, so if you turn up in your skin tight lycra suit don’t expect to set a record-breaking time.


Explore the city surrounding the Tour de France Grand Départ and get inspired to get in the saddle yourself. The route takes the world's best riders (and you) by some amazing sights here in the world's best bike city. 

See the all the sights of the Grand Départ 

Tour de France Grand Depart 2022
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen



Take part in the big Tour de France fest along with more than 20.000 locals and guests to celebrate Copenhagen as the world’s greatest bike city. It all goes down at Fælledparken.

1st of July – 12-22.00
2nd of July 9-22.00
Free admittance 

Experience the Grand Départ time trial on the biggest screen in the city. Have fun with all sorts of bike-related activities for children of all ages. Enjoy live music and entertainment and get the most delicious food and drinks from the best food trucks in Copenhagen.

Check out the program (in Danish).

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Copenhagen is best explored on two wheels. It is the best bike city in the world after all. Here you'll find everything you need to know about why Copenhagen is such a great city for biking, bike routes, where to rent a bike, biking rules and much, much more.

Copenhagen - the world's best bike city 

Biking in Copenhagen
Photo: Martin Heiberg