How to win at winter

Looking for a cozy place to chase the winter cold away, or just a break from the buzzing city life? We've picked out some spots for you to find just that.

Unique winter experiences at CopenHot

With CopenHot, you’ll get a spa experience that I bet you’ve never tried before. Warm up at the waterfront sauna, cruise the Copenhagen canals in a spa boat or chill out in a fire heated barrel spa.

Frozen canals | Photo: Martin Heiberg

6 upsides to a January trip to Copenhagen

January is off-season in Copenhagen, which means some serious benefits for those visiting the city after the Christmas visitors have returned home and at a time when the warmer months are still only lurking out in the horizon.

5 Museums in Copenhagen perfect for a rainy day | VisitCopenhagen

5 museums to keep you warm

Rainy and cold days are the perfect occasion to stroll around some of Copenhagen's great museums. Here are five of our favourites for you to check out.

How to spend 1 January in Copenhagen

New Year Eve in Copenhagen is one great party. For the locals, the following day is mostly used to relax and regain some energy for the new year.

Enjoy the high season of hygge

The Copenhageners celebrate the autumn and winter seasons by turning up the hygge! The streets get covered in glistening lights, the cups get filled with hot drinks and people get together to enjoy the cosy vibe. 

The "Biking Vikings" of Copenhagen

No matter the weather, the biking people of Copenhagen do not back down. These Copenhageners prove that Vikings still fill the street of the city.

Copenhagen Light Festival

In February, Copenhagen is for the second time filled with beautiful light installations as Copenhagen Light festival takes over the city.

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