Vikings and heritage in historical Roskilde

Once the capital of Denmark, Roskilde oozes of history and is a must for anyone with a knack for Vikings. With its picturesque location by the fjord and its rich historical heritage, Roskilde is a perfect day trip from Copenhagen only 30 minutes away.

As the only place in the world, you can conquer the waters like a viking aboard a viking ship. The annual Viking Festival is another way to travel back a thousand years. But the ancient city also offers plenty of top-class contemporary culture with its world-renowned music festival, its museum for pop, rock and youth culture and much more. 

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Sail a Viking ship in Roskilde | Visitcopenhagen

9 things you need to do in Roskilde

The historic city by the scenic fjord has much more on the menu than vikings and royals. We've collected a couple of must-dos.

The annual viking festival in Roskilde

6 ways to live like a Viking

Located just west of Copenhagen is Roskilde, a historical city which also happens to be home to The Viking Ship Museum - and the only place in the world where you can go sailing in an actual Viking ship. 

Roskilde Cathedral

Visit Roskilde Cathedral

Gaze at Roskilde Cathedral

One day in Roskilde

You can easily get you Viking and history fix in one day in Roskilde. Here are a couple of highlights.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park outside Roskilde

Skjoldungernes Land National Park: Surrounded by nature

Skjoldungernes Land is a national park just outside Roskilde with lush forrests stretching along the fjords and inlets.