Disabled in Copenhagen

Travelling with a disability in Copenhagen

During the last decade, Copenhagen has developed to be more accessible for persons travelling with a disability, which means that today, you have access to many of the city’s attractions, hotels and services in spite of whatever disability you might have.

You must be aware that Copenhagen is an old city, so surfaces in inner city can be tough to pass when in a wheelchair, stores might be hard to enter because of small steps, and old buildings might not have elevators installed. Therefore, we suggest you keep one step ahead and call upfront to the place, you want to visit and ask them about their facilities.

Below, we have made an overview of how to get around, where to live and what attractions you can visit in Copenhagen, if you have a disability. 


The transportation system in Copenhagen is very suitable for wheelchairs, and both metro- and train stations have elevators and/or access for wheelchairs.

When build, the metro was designed to be accessible for everyone, no matter your circumstances. Therefore, every metro station is equipped with an elevator or a lift.

If you travel by train, you have to wait at the front carriage and signal the train driver as the train arrives, then he will assist you onto the train by a ramp. Remember to tell, at which station you wish to get off the train.

Most busses in Copenhagen have a collapsible slope by the door in the middle of the bus. You get access to the slope by pressing the button on the right side of the door. As you push the button, you signal the driver, who then unfolds the slope. Contrary to the train, the chauffeur on the bus cannot assist with entry or exit.

Taxa service
Should you choose to use a taxa, you can hail any taxi, if you have a collapsible wheelchair. If not, you have to call the taxi company and order handicap transportation up front for your trip.

Most hotels in Copenhagen have facilities to meet your needs, when you have a disability. 

Please note that all Scandic and CABINN hotels are handicap-friendly, and so are Bella Sky, Mariott Hotel, d’Angleterre, Imperial Hotel and Tivoli Hotel.

Many attractions in Copenhagen have access for people travelling with a disability. Both new attractions, like National Aquarium of Denmark, and older places, like Tivoli Gardens, The National Museum of Denmark and the old castles, like Christiansborg Palace and Frederiksborg Castle have facilities, which make them accessible for everyone.

As we have suggested before, you should call in advance to make sure that the attraction, you want to visit, have the necessary facilities. Many of the major attractions also have information about their accessibility initatives on their websites. 

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