Vikings, photo Frederikssund Turistbureau

Vikings' Copenhagen

All Scandinavians have a little Viking blood in their veins. The Vikings were Norse explorers and merchants, warriors and pirates who raided and raped their way through Europe from around 800 to 1066. They settled all over Europe, some areas in Asia and the North Atlantic. Thus you will find Viking descendants and archaeological finds in many parts of the world. A lot of myth surrounds the Vikings. They are mostly portrayed as barbaric savages, physically strong built, pale skin and long red or blonde plaited hair.

These Norsemen travelled far in their famed long ships and worshipped the Nordic gods. In Copenhagen you can learn more about the Vikings and the Viking Age at the museums, you can find traces of them and their settlements in the region surrounding the capital city, see live reenactments of them and the Nordic Gods and even buy your own piece of Viking jewellery.

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