E-scooters in Copenhagen

Rules when driving an e-scooter

Photo: Asger Støttrup Jensen

All over Copenhagen's public space you can find electric scooters of various brands. If you ride them, make sure to follow these rules.

Always follow the same rules that apply for biking in traffic. These include driving in the bike lane only – biking or driving an e-scooter on the sidewalk is against the law.

• Only one person is allowed on an e-scooter
• Lights are required around the clock
• Don’t drink and drive. In Denmark, the blood alcohol limit when driving an e-scooter is 0.5. Driving under the influence of drugs is also against the law
• Minimum age is 15 years
• It's mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter

After finishing your ride, make sure to park the e-scooter in a way that does not obstruct people from getting around. That means don’t park on the sidewalk or any other place where the e-scooter is in the way or comprise an inconvenience to others.

Besides the above rules, we highly recommend you to:

• Practice in a safe environment with no or only a few cars, before heading out into traffic. You should be able to drive stable, break quickly and safely and make a break sign while maintaining your balance
• Pay regard to other people in traffic

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