Designer Zoo

Located in a beautifully restored villa on the buzzing Vesterbrogade, Designer Zoo is a design shop doubling as a hub for craft and design, and really a must for any design shopper in Copenhagen.

As if the many fine design items on sale in the spacious room were not enough, the open workshops, a goldsmith, and the ceramic workshop are reasons to visit this design and craft hub. Get your hands on some Danish design for yourself or your home and get inspired by the unique insights into the craft and work done by the on-location creators giving shape to their very own arts of work. All under one roof.

Within walking distance from Designer Zoo, you can experience the truly special underground art space, The Cisterns, the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens, the charming street of Værnedamsvej, and not least the many, little shops in the popular Vesterbro neighborhood. All within one kilometer.