Paddle in Copenhagen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Stand up paddle, or SUP, has gained popularity around the world, and Copenhagen and Beyond is no different!

The Copenhagen waters

The harbour in Copenhagen has been declared safe to swim in by the European Union since 1999, and Copenhageners have embraced that to the fullest. As the city is surrounded by water, many activities such as swimming, renting a boat, paddling, kayaking, and much more are now a common sight all year round in Copenhagen.

SUP in Copenhagen and Beyond

Are you looking for the best places to SUP? Look no further!

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen Harbour

Copenhagen Harbour includes both Nordhavnen - North Harbour, Sydhavnen - South Harbour, and Inderhavnen - Inner Harbour.

Amager Beach Park
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Amager Beach Park

Amager Beach Park is Copenhagen’s largest beach and is within biking distance from the city centre and easily reached with the metro.


Photo: Sebastian Himmelstrup


Mølleåen stretches all the way from Bastrup Lake to the Øresund, with its magnificent surroundings serving as a nature park.

Hornbæk Beach
Photo: Mellanie Gandø

Hornbæk Beach

The largest and most visited beach on the coast of North Zealand


Ishøj Marina
Photo: Ishøj Kommune

Ishøj Marina

Ishøj harbour is a typical Danish yacht harbour where sailors and strollers flock in the summer, especially to soak up the maritime atmosphere.


Where to rent a paddleboard

Want to go paddling in Copenhagen but have no board? No problem! There are multiple places to rent a SUP in Copenhagen and Beyond. In central Copenhagen and Amager Strandpark, you can rent at Kayak Republic, Kayakhotellet, Frozen Palmtree, and Kingfish

If you go beyond Copenhagen, you can in Hornbæk rent at Hornbæk Surfshop, at Mølleåen rent at KanoKajakCenter, at Ishøj Marina rent at Ka’nalu, in Rungsted Havn at Water Sights and in Dragør at Kitekollektivet.

Hornbæk SUP | Daniel Rasmussen

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

Safety on the water

When you are stand-up paddling, it is essential that you are aware of certain safety elements. With the following 5 basic rules, we want to help you have a safe trip on the water.

  1. ALWAYS use a leash (rope that connects you to the board)
  2. Remember to wear a PFD/life jacket (it's illegal to paddle without)
  3. Bring your phone in a waterproof bag
  4. Don't go alone on the water and inform someone where you will go and when you expect to return.
  5. ALWAYS check wind and weather conditions before going out. Do not go out in offshore winds if you are a beginner or slightly experienced.

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Experience the world's best surfers in Copenhagen

Our stand up paddle (SUP) guide is developed in close relationship with Surf & SUP Denmark, the national governing body for surfing and SUP, who will host the World SUP Championship in Copenhagen from September 16-22, 2024. Everybody is invited to join the event, as the host will organize a huge paddle festival with lots of side activities. This includes the mass-participation event, Copenhagen SUP, which will give you the opportunity to paddle around Copenhagen harbour and experience the vibrant city from the waterside. Get to know more at