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The ultimate guide to the LGBTI+ environment in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, you can feel comfortable walking hand in hand with your partner regardless of their gender. You can sit down at all the delicious gastronomic hubs, check in to any hotel and let loose at any night club. Copenhagen is yours to explore.

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With that being said, this guide is for you who wishes to dig into all of the playfulness that the lively LGBTI+ environment in Copenhagen has to offer.

Copenhageners are mostly relaxed and tolerant people, and the general attitude towards LGBTI+ people is liberal and open-minded. The capital city of Denmark has long been a playground for both locals and tourists in the LGBTI+ community. Here you can be free, open and most of all yourself.


Theater, concerts, talks and drag shows. Sounds like fun? These places will keep you entertained all days of the week.

Gay House

Gay House, is a cultural meeting place for gay, lesbians and trans-genders  in Copenhagen. The house is used for cultural projects, theatre and music performances, exhibitions, speaker events and parties. The use of the space can also be requested for any kind of events you would like ...


Warehouse9 is a small art gallery and performance space in the Brown Meat Packing District, which despite its size has great ambitions. The goal of the combined gallery and theater is to work across conventional boundaries and expressions in music, art, theater and nightclub scene. Th...


Centralhjørnet in Copenhagen is the oldest LGBTI+ bar in Denmark. At Centralhjørnet you can enjoy cheap beers and a cosy bar atmosphere every day of the week - even on Sundays. Centralhjørnet is also known to put on a show or live music once in a while. Are you struck by hunger then ...

Today a lot of western countries are tolerant towards LGBTI+ people, but Denmark has always been in the lead when it comes down to tolerance and passing laws to secure equality. 

It wasn’t until 1989 Denmark started recognising registered partnerships for same-sex couples, and though it was late, Denmark was the first country to allow this. After being engaged for 40 years, it was Eigil and Axel Axgil who were the first couple ever to become a registered same-sex partnership. In 2009 it became possible for registered LGBTI+ couples to adopt children, and in 2012 it was finally legal to be married in church and at City Hall.

If you want to learn more about LGBTI+ history in Denmark, visitthis article by the Danish LGBT rights organisation, which was founded all the way back in 1948.

Denmark is a first-mover country when it comes to LGBTI+ rights, and though we have come a long way, there’s still more work to do.

LGBTI+ events worth travelling for

Usually, Copenhagen Pride is the not to be missed LGBTI+ event of the year, but Copenhagen has upped itself and will be hosting a combined World Pride and EuroGames in 2021. If you're into films, you should also know that Copenhagen is home to one of the world’s oldest LGBTQ+ film festivals. Check it out below. 

Copenhagen 2021

Don't miss out when WorldPride collides with EuroGames, an eclectic art and culture program, and the biggest ever LGBTI+ human rights forum right here in Copenhagen.


MIX COPENHAGEN LGBTQ Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world Founded in 1986, MIX COPENHAGEN is for a diverse audience. With their films they seek to represent all sexualities and genders. The screenings appeal to all film lovers and everyone else interested in cinema with a ...


Copenhagen's biggest street party and electronic music festival attracts 100,000 partying Copenhageners to the streets of different neighbourhoods in the city.    When daytime parties in the streets of Nørrebro and Vesterbro end, the club parties take over in Copenhagen's best venues, a...

Going out hotspots

Copenhagen is home to one of Europe’s oldest gay bars, Centralhjørnet from 1917, which openly became a gay bar in the 1950s. That bar was only the beginning, and today Copenhagen has many LGBTI+ establishments. Whether you're heading out for a single beer, some live jazz music or a leather themed party that goes on beyond the sunrise, Copenhagen has a place for you. Most places you will find in the Latin Quarter and just off Rådhuspladsen in the city centre.

Oscar Bar & Cafe

Cozy gay bar and café right next to City Hall at Copenhagen's Rainbow Square Are you looking for a gay bar where you can have a good time, get a d...

Men's Bar

Men's Bar is a gay bar in the centre of Copenhagen. The decor is simple and black, and the atmosphere in the bar is friendly but raw. The guests at ...

Café Intime

Café Intime in Frederiksberg holds a lot of history, and opened in 1922. In the early years the customers had their own private and locked stall s...

LGBTI+ cafés, bars and nightlife in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's LGBTI+ community has something for everyone. Here you will find everything from chilled out cafés, to cosy bars, and crazy morning partie...

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Go on a city tour in Copenhagen where the theme is the LGBTI+-society in Copenhagen. The LGBTI+-society is an important part of Copenhagen’s history and vice versa. Bjarne Henrik Lundis is the initiator of the tours that enlighten you about Copenhagen’s history and LGBTI+-society and t...

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