A new street food market for start-ups opens on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen

A new urban area is growing in Copenhagen on Refshaleøen - including a new street food market by the initiator of Denmark’s first street food market, Copenhagen Street Food.
Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Copenhagen’s new up-coming urban neighbourhood, Refshaleøen, will soon get a new playground for creative minds and street food enthusiasts near the waterfront. The initiator of Denmark's first street food market, Copenhagen Street Food located on the Paper Island (Papirøen), Jesper Møller, has signed a lease with property company Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S. The lease counts: The hall called Riggerloftet of 1040 m2, 5000 m2 outdoor area and further access to 4000 m2 shared outdoor area.

Street food and creative city life on Refshaleøen

The popular venue Copenhagen Street Food will close permanently due to the temporary leasing contract and the last opening day is the 31st of December 2017. The warehouses on the Paper Island will be demolished in 2018 and the new constructions are expected to be finished in 2021. However, the initiator and restaurateur, Jesper Møller is already working on a new creative project near the Paper Island on Refshaleøen. The new neighbourhood already has a booming entrepreneurial environment with the local brewery Mikkeller’s Baghaven (The Backyard), restaurant Amass run by the former head chef of Noma, Matt Orlando, Aamann’s Kitchen and Rains’ Showroom with their cool raincoats.

Thus, it is a great opportunity to contribute to the blooming creativity on the island with a platform for street food chefs and creative workshops.

”We are passionate about gastronomy and entrepreneurship. On Refshaleøen we have found a fantastic location in Copenhagen's harbour, which is unspoiled and has space for creative development. On this location we can create a new platform for new entrepreneurs and street food chefs where they can add their personal touch to the stall or workshop. By establishing a street food market here it is our ambition to contribute to the urban life that sprouts on this island. Hereby, we invite both street food vendors and creative minds to join the platform and become a part of the community out here,” says Jesper Møller, who founded Denmark’s first street food market Copenhagen Street Food on the Paper Island in 2013.

Experience a local melting pot

At the new street food market the visitors will experience a melting pot placed in a historical industrial surroundings – a mix of street food, culture and entrepreneurship that appeals to both locals and tourists. Property owner, Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S, is looking forward to the new project:

"Our aim is to open Refshaleøen for the citizens of Copenhagen and to make it a creative part of the city that provides a variety of activities of high quality, which in the long run makes it attractive to live, work and visit the former shipyard area. Thus, we are looking forward to collaborate with the initiator of Copenhagen Street Food in creating a strong community that offers gastronomy and other cultural experiences continuously," says Christian Herskind, CEO, Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S.

“There is a great interest in rentals in our area, which has made it necessary for us to adjust our tenants and activities to make the room that was needed,” says Claus Hovmøller Jensen, Planning and Leasing Manager at Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S.

A small creative community

The vision is to create a creative small creative community of 10,000 m2 on Refshaleøen not far from B & W's industrial halls – the venue of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. It is easy to get there with bus 9A from the city centre or the harbour bus 992 and it is only 10 min by bike from the Paper Island.

Focus on entrepreneurship

Due to the new projects Jesper Møller has chosen to dedicate his time to help new entrepreneurs. This means that he has chosen not to extend his contract as restaurateur of the National Museum of Denmark’s restaurant after running it for 17 years. The new projects count Refshaleøen but also the new food market Storms Pakhus - Odense Street Food on Funen, which is expected to open August 2017.

"It has been 17 exciting years at the museum, I have learned a lot as self-employed e.g. about the authorities' requirements for running a restaurant and how to start up your own business. I would like to pass this knowledge on to others, that could make it easier for them to get started as self-employed, " says Jesper Møller, who will still be associated with the National Museum of Denmark regarding new cultural initiatives.

"It can be difficult to get started when you are young and inexperienced, but you have the energy, fierceness and ideas. That is why it is our ambition to create a platform on Refshaleøen for upcoming restaurateurs. Here you can test and develop your ideas and turn them into business by running a food stall or a creative workshop. But there will also be room for more experienced street food chefs, so everyone is welcome to apply for a stall," Jesper Møller explains. 

Farewell to the Paper Island

Copenhagen Street Food will not be relocated on Refshaleøen, instead a new concept is being made: 

"It has been four exciting years on the Paper Island with Copenhagen Street Food, but now it is time for something new. Our mission to create life and cultural experiences on the Paper Island is complete. We have created a platform where 31 self-employed entrepreneurs had the chance to start their own business, so the mission regarding being an incubator for new start-ups is fulfilled," says Jesper Møller. 

Examples of stallholders that have expanded their business after four years at Copenhagen Street Food: The Italian stall Il Mattarello will soon open a restaurant in Copenhagen, Duck It has expanded with stalls on several markets in Denmark and Norway, and Pølse Kompagniet’s sausages are in sale in several Danish supermarkets. 

Thus it is not Copenhagen Street Food you will experience on Refshaleøen. However the ambition is to create a new interesting getaway with events, delicious food and cultural activities. The new market is expected to open Easter 2018. 

The concept is still in the making and does not have a name yet – so stay tuned. An official announcement will be sent out later this year.

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Facts about Refshaleøen
  • Jesper Møller’s lease counts: The hall called Riggerloftet of 1040 m2, 5000 m2 outdoor area and further access to a shared outdoor area of 4000 m2 with a view to the harbour and waterfront.
  • Neighbours: Restaurant Amass, Mikkeller Baghaven, AAmann’s Kitchen B&W’s halls, Blocs & Walls (climbing hall) and the rain coat designer brand Rains’ Showroom.
  • How to get there: Bus 9A from the city centre, harbour bus 992 or 10 minutes by bike from the bridge Inderhavnsbroen from Nyhavn and the Paper Island.  
  • Address: 167A Refshalevej, 1432 Copenhagen K 
  • Opening: Expected Easter 2018.
About Jesper Julian Møller

Jesper Møller has been restaurateur and chef for 20 years and self-employed for 17 years with Restaurant Julian at the National Museum of Denmark and restaurant Toldboden for seven years.

In 2016 he was honoured with the honorary diploma of the Danish Gastronomic Academy for his initiative of establishing Denmark’s first street food market Copenhagen Street Food on the Paper Island.

Furthermore, Jesper Møller is running the farm, Juliangaard in Smidstrup in the northern of Zealand, that produces open air vegetables to Julian Group's various venues. The produce will be organic from 2018.

Our mediacenter provides you with hundreds of pictures of the city

Download images from Copenhagen

Do you need pictures of Copenhagen? Our mediacenter provides you with hundreds of pictures of the city.