Copenhagen’s Paper Island: from warehouse to architectural masterpiece by 2021.

Copenhagen is leading the way when it comes to modern architeture and urban development. The latest example is the renovation Paper Island, in the heart of Copenhagen. Here the Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, will design a new waterfront cultural centre to be completed at the end of 2021.
Thursday, May 31, 2018

In 2017, an international architect competition was launched and proposals for an up to 5,000 m2 new waterfront culture centre were handled. The famous Kengo Kuma, in team with Cornelius Vöge, Søren Jensen engineers and Niels Sigsgaard, won the competition and will bring new life to the island. The unique shaped cone project combines a waterfront cultural center, facilities for leisure and sports associations and harbour baths in a new and original way. At the same time, the project creates a unique connection between land and sea and fulfils Copenhagen's vision of a new addition to Paper Island.

The renovation of Paper Island will start at the beginning of 2018. Especially water will play a leading part because of its important role in the development of the city's history and urban life. The new waterfront cultural centre will celebrate water through its different forms: steam, flow and reflection of light and shadow. It will all maintain Kengo Kuma's philosophy of integrating natural elements into architecture while engaging with the environment.

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