Corona virus

Info on covid-19 (corona) virus

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the covid-19 situation, the Danish authorities have closed the Danish borders by March 14, up until August 31, 2020 for all non-essential travel. However, the borders will open for travelers from Germany, Norway and Iceland on June 15, 2020.

This means, that all travelers (except people from Germany, Iceland and Norway) must expect to be rejected entry at the Danish borders, this including airports, unless they have a worthy purpose for entering.

Read more on the “If you are travelling to and from Denmark” Q&A from the Danish Authorities on what is deemed a worthy purpose, e.g. people with a valid working permit, spouses or live-in partners, persons delivering goods etc.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Danish Government have restricted travelers from staying in Copenhagen if they wish to travel to Denmark. If you are planning to travel to Denmark, it is important to note the following; “The restrictions will be lifted for travellers who can document (e.g. by a rental document on a holiday home, camping stay, hotel or similar) to stay a minimum of 6 nights outside Copenhagen.”


If you are in Copenhagen, we urge you to follow instructions from the authorities.

  • On March 30 the Danish Government announced a gradual and controlled re-opening of Denmark. This means, that cafés, restaurants and bars may now serve guests inside again (with some restrictions). Museums, open-air zoos, theatres, outdoor amusement parks and other recreational and cultural activities are now also permitted to open again. Stay updated on the re-opening here.


  • Stay updated on important information from the Danish authorities on this website which is being updated continuously.



Joint Danish Authorities Hotline: +45 7020 0233.


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