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Info on covid-19 measures and borders

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Residents of most European countries and some countries from other parts of the world can enter Denmark. Due to the covid-19 situation, the borders are still closed to some countries. You can find all necessary info about borders and covid-19 measures in Copenhagen here.

Updated September 22, 2020.

About borders and countries from where you can enter Denmark as a tourist

Gradually, Denmark's borders are opened for travellers from countries that meet certain criteria, including a certain number of covid-19 patients per capita. At the moment, tourists from most European countries as well as Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay can enter Denmark. Unless they show clear signs of illness

Check the official and updated list of countries defines as open or banned.

Travellers from countries defined as banned on the list above must expect to be denied entry at the Danish borders, including airports, unless they have a worthy purpose for entering. See what is considered a worthy purpose by the Danish authorities in this Q&A which is updated continuously. 


If you are in Copenhagen, we urge you to follow instructions from the authorities which include these measures

  • Wash your hands and use sanitizer, limit physical contact, cought or sneeze into your sleeve, be diligent with cleaning, keep your distance. Source: Danish Health Authorities
  • Face masks and shields: For now, face masks are mandatory in all public transport, including taxis and ferries for travellers over 12 years. Before using public transport, please consult these recommendations by the authorities 
  • Face masks or shields are also mandatory in all restaurants, bars, cafés, etc., except when guests are sitting at their table
  • Public transport: Avoid public transport where other means of transport are available – especially during rush hours
  • Stay updated on important information from the Danish authorities on this website which is being updated continuously
  • Joint Danish Authorities Hotline: +45 7020 0233


Temporary measures for the restaurant and nightlife industry in Copenhagen

A new set of regulations for the restaurant and nightlife scene was put into action on September 17. This means that:

  • Restaurants, bars and cafés must close at 10pm at the latest
  • Face masks or face shields are mandatory in all restaurants, bars, cafés, etc. Except when guests sit at the table, and with the same exceptions as in public transport (ie. children)
  • A distance of at least 1 meter between guests, inside the restaurants and outside must be respected
  • Temporary ban of gatherings in parts of The Meatpacking District. From september 17 through 23. From 10pm when bars are closing and lasting until 02am

Museums, open-air zoos, theatres, outdoor amusement parks and other recreational and cultural activities are open. Stay updated on the re-opening here


New guidelines at Copenhagen Airport

As of June 15 2020 new guidelines for safe travel became effective in Denmark's airports. Besides including compulsory medical face masks at the terminals, the guidelines issued by The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) apply to all European airports and include a set of things you need to consider before flying.

See this practical guide on safe travel through Copenhagen Airport - including the option of free covid-19 test at the parking area P5 outside of Terminal 3.


How to protect yourself and others and what to do if you get ill

Danish Health Authorities' information for tourists: