Copenhagen Card 2016

FAQ about Copenhagen Card

The most frequently asked questions about Copenhagen Card. You can find more information and buy the card at the Copenhagen Card website or contact us by sending an email to

Does the Copenhagen Card include transport to and from the airport?

Yes, it does. The Copenhagen Card gives you access to 86 museums and attractions and unlimited public transport in Copenhagen capital region (zone 1-99), which includes Copenhagen Airport (zone 4).

Does the Copenhagen Card include public transportation to Elsinore (Helsingør) and Roskilde?

Yes, the Copenhagen Card includes unlimited public transportation in the entire Copenhagen capital region (zone 1-99), which includes trains to Roskilde and Elsinore.

Do I need to show my Copenhagen Card to get a bus, train or metro ticket?

No, the Copenhagen Card is your ticket. Just remember to fill in date and time when you wish to start using your Copenhagen Card: DD.MM.YY - XX:XX

Can I buy the Copenhagen Card at the airport?

Yes, you can. You can buy it at the Service Information in T3 and at DSB in T3.

How soon after I purchase the Copenhagen Card online, can I expect to receive my voucher?

You should receive your voucher immediately. If you do not receive it, then please check your spam folder, as it might go in there. If it is still not there, contact copenhagenc....

Is the Copenhagen Card valid for 24 hours or 1 day?

The 24-hour Copenhagen Card is valid for 24 hours from the date and time you write on the card. I.e. if you write 14:00, it will be valid until 13:59 the next day. Remember to fill in the time you start using it on the card correctly: DD.MM.YY - XX:XX

Can I bring my kids on a Copenhagen Card and how many?

Yes, you can bring two kids under the age of 10 per paying adult. That goes for attractions and transport.

I am experiencing technical problems when I try to buy a Copenhagen Card online. Who can help?

Firstly, try to use another web browser. Secondly, you can email copenhagenc... for technical support.

Can I visit the same attraction more than once with a Copenhagen Card?

The card entitles the holder to one visit per attractions despite card type. Re-visit is not possible.

Do I have to be done with an attraction, when my Copenhagen Card expires, or do I just have to get in while it is still valid?

As long as your Copenhagen Card is valid, when you enter the attraction, get on the bus, train etc., then you are fine and can stay as long as you like/until the end of the ride. Please note that you cannot change bus, train etc. when the Copenhagen Card has expired.

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• 24-hour card for DKK 399 / EUR 54
(DKK 199 / EUR 27 for children between 10-15 years)

• 48-hour card for DKK 569 / EUR 77
(DKK 289 / EUR 39 for children between 10-15 years)

• 72-hour card for DKK 689 / EUR 93
(DKK 349 / EUR 47 for children between 10-15 years)

• 120-hour card for DKK 899 / EUR 121
(DKK 449 / EUR 61 for children between 10-15 years)