The Tower, Christiansborg Palace

Please note that the tower view is closed 6 June - 31 August 2019. The restaurant is similarly closed until 31 August 2019. 

With its 106 metres, the Christiansborg Palace tower is the highest tower in Copenhagen, and it offers a magnificent view of the city's rooftops. It is free to access the tower, and if you want to add some spice to the experience, you can dine in The Tower's restaurant.

Christiansborg Palace was once the home of kings and queens, but after one of several great fires, the royal family moved to Amalienborg Palace in the late 1800's and never returned.

The Tower was constructed as part of the third, and present-day, Christiansborg Palace, which was built during 1907-1928. Like the rest of the palace, it was designed by architect Thorvald Jørgensen.

With a height of 106 metres, the tower on Christiansborg Palace is the highest tower in Copenhagen - 40 centimetres higher than the city hall tower.

Free access to The Tower

Today Christiansborg, also known as Borgen, houses the Danish parliament, and in June 2014, the tower opened to the public, which means everyone can access the tower free of charge and experience the magnificent views of Copenhagen.

The entrance to The Tower is located on the islet of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen. The entrance to the tower is at the King’s Gate, a large gate in the centre of the palace (immediately beneath the tower).

The King’s Gate can be reached from the Palace Square and from the Inner Courtyard (via the Marble Bridge and the Riding Ground). There is a lift from the entrance to the top of the tower. The stairs cannot be used.

There may be a queue, as there is limited space at the top.

Get a taste of Denmark in The Tower restaurant

Add some spice to your visit and taste the Danish cuisine in The Tower's restaurant, run by Danish chef Rasmus Bo Bojesen.

Bojesen and his team make food with the best produce from all over Denmark. The intention is to bring traditional Danish dishes back into the limelight, but with a modern twist to make them outstanding.

Bojesen creates dishes with the best from the sea, woods and meadows in Denmark. This is what Bojesen already delivers with particular success in the restaurant at The Royal Opera House in Copenhagen.

Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner

The restaurant is open for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. For lunch Bojesen serves traditional Danish open sandwiches with a modern touch. Dinner is served in the cosy atmosphere and reflects the seasons as this makes the Danish menu special.

Bojesen’s modern, organic confectionery is the key element of afternoon tea at The Tower. While the Italians present their world famous ham from Parma, the French their Camembert and their Béarnaise, the Danes play their trump card from the confectioner: Napoleon’s cake, fragilité and Danish pastry. Bojesen’s cakes, desserts and chocolates are second to none.

The restaurant overlooks the royal riding yard, and the observation tower is just above the restaurant, which means that you can walk up the stairs and overlook Copenhagen before or after your meal or tea.

Opening hours / Date

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020 Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 21:00
31/12/2020 - 31/12/2020 Sunday 11:00 - 17:30

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