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Copenhagen's bike culture

Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Everybody does it. Bike that is. In Copenhagen we bike whether there is sun, rain or snow. We bike to work, to school, to bring the kids to kindergarten, to shop for groceries and to social gatherings.
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Copenhageners love their bikes. Cycling is fast, convenient, healthy, climate-friendly, enjoyable - and cheap, although Copenhageners honestly love their bikes no matter their financial income. Even top politicians ride their bike every day to parliament.

Actually, there are more bikes than inhabitants in Copenhagen, 375 kilometres of cycle tracks and traffic lights that are coordinated in favour of cyclists during rush hour. While motorists sit in tailbacks, cyclists tend to sweep through the city.

Currently, Copenhagen is building even more green routes and bridges through Copenhagen to ensure a safe and green transport route for cyclists while creating green spots in the cityscape. Cycle super highways are already a reality, leading cyclists in and out of the city from as far as 15 kilometres away.

The world's first Bike city

Thus Copenhagen is a city that invites you to cycle. It is simply our way of life, and if you want to experience it the local way, you have to jump in the saddle. As a first time visitor in Copenhagen the amount of bicycles on the streets can be overwhelming, but you will soon get the hang of it and start loving it. Try reading our 5 reasons why you'll love biking in Copenhagen. If you feel rusty, avoid morning and afternoon rush hour, and check out the traffic rules before you go.

Many hotels in Copenhagen provide bicycles for their guests, there are numerous bike rentals and bike tours on offer, or you can rent one of the new electric city bikes for a very low cost per hour. In 1995, Copenhagen was one of the first cities in the world to launch free city bikes for its citizens and visitors. The first generation of bikes later retired, and in 2013, a brand new generation of electric city bikes with GPS and tourist information was introduced. Now, some 1,800 bikes are spread across the streets of the Danish capital. You will find them at train and metro stations around Copenhagen. See when BBC tested the new city bikes.

It is no wonder that The International Cycling Union, UCI, appointed Copenhagen the first official Bike City in the world from 2008-2011 and has been ranked the world's top cycling city for two years in a row. And that other cities, such as New York, look to Copenhagen for inspiration. Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl is famous for teaching other cities around the world how to plan for a bike culture. It even has its own term: "copenhagenization" or "to copenhagenize".

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Facts about bikes

 Copenhagen has been ranked the world's top cycling city for two years in a row.

Bikes now outnumber cars in central Copenhagen. 

1.4 million km were cycled per weekday in 2016 in the city. 

We have more than 375 km of cycle tracks. 

Dronning Louise's Bridge has the highest concentration of traffic in the world with almost 50,000 cyclist daily. 

Cycling accounts for 17% of all trips in Denmark and 4% of the traffic in kilometers.

Cycling accounts for 24 % of all commuter trips.

Nine out of ten Danes own a bicycle.

44 % of all children aged 10-16 cycle to school.

Cyclistic - Denmark for cyclists

Cyclistic is your gateway to bicycling in Denmark. is developed by the Danish Cycling Federation and has combined route finding for cyclists with points of Interests for accomodation, food and sights, which enables you to plan your bike holiday in Denmark. 

Denmark is a perfect destination for a cycle trip. The country is almost flat and the cities are cycle-friendly. Cyclistic is your tool to explore and plan your cycle trip in Denmark.

Bike rental Copenhagen | VisitCopenhagen

Copenhagen bike rentals

In Copenhagen practically everybody rides a bike. If you want to live like a true Copenhagener, you can rent a bike and cruise around and explore the city on two wheels.