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Won Hundred

“Because dressing up is fun

Won Hundred is a rock and roll inspired Danish fashion brand that offers both men’s, women’s and unisex clothing. The inspiration clearly shows in many of Won Hundred’s designs, where raw attitude and a love for denim and leather have become trademarks for the brand.

Won Hundred has existed since 2004 and was founded by the creative director Nikolaj Nielsen. His vision for the brand is to “create utilitarian fashion, with a focus on details and longevity”. Won Hundred’s styles vary from playful pieces to street wear to the minimalistic design, Scandinavian fashion is famous for. The versatile universe encourages you to have fun experimenting with your style, no matter if you're dressing for work, leisure or a night out.

Showroom in idyllic Frederiksberg

In 2020, Won Hundred moved to the idyllic Frederiksberg where they have their new showroom on Frederiksberg's popular high street, Gammel kongevej. The street is offering a wide variety of local and exclusive stores to choose from.