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VILLUM Window Collection

Step into the world of windows and experience the cultural history and technological development of the window, as well as how windows impact our access to light, air, and views.

VILLUM Window Collection museum invites visitors on a historical journey through a time tunnel, in which light can be experienced through the first primitive window openings to today’s intelligent and climate-friendly windows.

The exhibition features a number of thematic narratives such as “The Window in Architecture” and a display on the methods of making window glass. 

VIILLUM Window Collection has a collection amazing collections of windows from the 17th century up until today. In the magazine wall the visitors can explore the collection.

The museum has free admission.


Guided tours

The museum offers guided tours. You can join a tour for free, but a booking request is required. For more information and booking click here.


Temporary exhibitions and events

VILLUM Window Collection is hosting temporary exhibitions and events.

More information on the museum’s website and social media channels.