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Uformel is located in the center of Copenhagen and offers a pick'n'choose menu with affordable prices. 

It's all in the name. The intention with Uformel, which means 'informal', is exactly that; to create a place that is beyond pretentious. This also reflects in the price of the meals, which are a lot cheaper than Uformel's older brother, the Michelin restaurant Formel B.

Uformel seats up to 100 hungry guests and offers around 15 dishes that change by season and mood. Uformel primarily uses suppliers from small Danish manufacturers where sustainability and nature are paramount. 

Besides dining, Uformel will also tempt you with a handful of cocktails shaken and stirred by one of the country's best bartenders, Hardeep Rehal.

Max capacity: 80 pax

Private dining: 20 pax