TRIO Restaurant & Bar

Photo: Martin Heiberg
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Axel Towers

1608 København V

Amazing views are guaranteed from your seat nestled close up to the 10th floor windows at Trio – one of Copenhagen’s highest located restaurants.

The restaurant-cum-cocktailbar on the top floors of Axel Towers is open from afternoon and a perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee or a cocktail after a days work og walking around the city.

Trio is run by one of Copenhagen’s most renowned restaurateurs, Christian Aarø of AOC and No. 2, and the food is just as on point as the other two highly acclaimed eateries and the spectacular surroundings.

Pro tip: Remember to visit the restroom which is probably the coolest one in all of Copenhagen.


Axel Towers

1608 København V


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Main course: DKK 150 - 250

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