Synagogen / The Copenhagen Synagogue

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Krystalgade 12

1172 København K


Phone:3312 8868

The Copenhagen Synagogue was built from 1830-1833 by the architect professor G. F. Hetsch in semi-oriental classic style.

The incription over the entrance reads: 'Blessed be he who cometh in the name of God'.

Friday evening services are at sundown, Saturday morning, however, at 9am. Only persons holding a passport or other type of ID will be admitted.

The synagogue will be closed from 1 March, 2017 until 31 August, 2018. Service will be held at Det Jødiske Hus (The Jewish House) and the schedule can be advised at +45 33 12 88 68.


Krystalgade 12

1172 København K

Opening hours

01 Jan 11 / 31 Dec 20


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