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Skydebanegade 4

1709 København V


Phone:6170 3349

Owner of Sort Kaffe & Vinyl - which means Black Coffee & Vinyl - Christian Rygaard had long gone with thoughts of opening either a record shop or a small cafe with really good coffee.

When he came across the small premises in Skydebanegade, he had found the perfect location for both.

In the small cozy shop you will find a treat for both the ears and palate. The coffee is from Risteriet in Studiestræde, but cold drinks are also for sale.

The record collection consists primarily of new releases or reprints, featuring everything from punk-folk, electro trash and garage rock to world music and ethnic jazz.

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Skydebanegade 4

1709 København V

Opening hours

01 Oct 12 / 31 Dec 20


08:00 - 19:00


11:00 - 18:00

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