Sømods Bolcher

Sømod's candies

Photo: Sebastian Himmelstrup

Nørregade 36

1165 København K



Phone:3312 6046

fax:3315 5324

In the heart of Copenhagen you'll find Sømod's Candies, which is the only place that still produces candies using the same method they used 100 years ago. Since then Sømod's Candies has been appointed royal purveyor.

Sømod's Candies' traditions and principles started back in 1891 in Nørregade in inner Copenhagen. Today it's the fourth Sømod generation who runs the shop.

Made the old-fashioned way

The candies are made ​​by hand by using the original equipment as in the olden days.

The amount of produced candies has increased significantly since 1891, and today you can indulge yourself in 74 different kinds of candy.

Sugar free candies

The ingredients are the same as in 1891, colours and flavours are all natural, and there is no preservatives added. Unlike the olden days, Sømod's Candies offers sugar free candies as well.


Nørregade 36

1165 København K

Opening hours

01 Jan 12 / 31 Dec 20

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09:15 - 17:30


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