Roskilde Museum

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Sankt Ols Stræde 3

4000 Roskilde

Roskilde Museum in the center of Roskilde City, is housed in two of the city's oldest historic houses - "Sukkerhuset" and "Liebes Gård".
At the museum you can in a modern and interactive exhibtion experience the dramatic history of the city and the cultural heritage of the region through unique archaeological finds and exciting newer objects. You are also close to the story of one of Denmark's oldest and most important cities - a history of national importance.
In addition to the museum's exhibitions, the museum offers year round an exciting and varied event program for all age groups and interests. At the museum you will also find a museumshop and a café.


Roskilde Museum is a part of the museums group ROMU which contains museums and institutions around Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund.


Sankt Ols Stræde 3

4000 Roskilde

Opening hours

01 Jan 19 / 24 Dec 20


10:00 - 16:00

02 Jan 19 / 23 Dec 20


10:00 - 21:00

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