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Photo: Aleksander Stokkebro
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Kompagnistræde 20

1208 København K



Phone:3315 0575

fax:3332 3345

RizRaz - Modern Mediterranean food

You will find two RizRaz restaurants in Copenhagen. One at St. Kannikestræde and one at Kompagnistræde. For several years they have served a vegetarian buffet with dishes like falafels, hummus, pizza, pasta and salad. But you can also find an a la carte menu with juicy and healthy meat dishes.

The chefs at RizRaz are cooking with seasonal ingredients and are focusing on preparing the most fresh and tasty dishes as possible. So here you can dive into everything healthy from vegetarian to fish and meat - all Mediterranean-style. 


Kompagnistræde 20

1208 København K

Opening hours

01 Feb 12 / 31 Dec 20


11:30 - 23:39


11:30 - 23:59

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