Restaurant Le Saint Jacques

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Sankt Jakobs Plads 1

2100 København Ø


Phone:3542 7707

Located in the heart of Østerbro, Restaurant Le Saint Jacques is decorated like a church or cathdral with genuine Russians icons covering the walls and a multitude of altar candles illuminating the room. The restaurant was named after Saint James of Compostela, whose emblem was the scallop shell, also known as the St. James' scallop, or in French, le Saint Jacques. This French brasserie offers classic dishes such as huîtres (oysters), terrine de foie gras, tarte tattin, and crème brûlée. And, of course, there is the house specialty Coquilles Saint-Jacques, St. James' scallops.

Sankt Jakobs Plads 1

2100 København Ø


Main course: DKK 150 - 250


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