Public library BIBLIOTEKET in Nordvest.


Photo: Martin Heiberg

Rentemestervej 76

2400 København NV


Located in the culturally diverse city area Nordvest, BIBLIOTEKET provides multiple offers and opportunities for all types of people.

They have books, dvd’s, cd’s, magazines and more for all age groups and in several languages, a large variety of events, free counseling and guidance, great workshop-facilities as well as modern IT equipment.

BIBLIOTEKET is known for its striking architecture, in the shape of stacked boxes that have been wrapped in golden metal, which is a very interesting contrast to the old industrial building that is also part of the house. The façades of the old factory is decorated with beautiful wall art by the Danish street artist HuskMitNavn. The building is a result of a cooperation between COBE, Transform and Brd. Andersen, and has been awarded with several prices.

At BIBLIOTEKET you will find a local tourist information that is owned by the official tourist agency in Copenhagen. Here you can search for information and inspiration on your own, grab a city map and get personal help and guidance as well.


Rentemestervej 76

2400 København NV

Opening hours

01 Jun 18 / 29 Jun 21


11:00 - 18:00

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