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On Frankrigsgade in Amager is Josephine, which can best be described as a combination of a wine bodega, shop, and restaurant. With a large selection of wine, cocktails and sardines, Josephine is a hardcore competitor on the unofficial Copenhagen hangout search.

As soon as you step into Josephine, you immediately get "where everybody knows's your name" on your mind because it feels exactly like that. In the homely setting, with wine on the walls and sublime service, you are guaranteed an experience that will make you want to come again - and again and again.

The wine at Josephine is at extremely modest prices, and there is a competitive selection, which means that everyone can get exactly the wine they want. The employees know their stuff and can always guide you in the right direction, so you don't need to be a great wine connoisseur to stop by. The good thing is that all wine sold at Josephine can also be bought and taken home.

It is very difficult to detach yourself from the atmosphere at Josephine, and they have, therefore, put together a light menu so that you can also have something to eat. Sourdough bread, charcuterie, cheese and tinned fish are both served. There are also often seasonal dishes, such as minestrone soup in autumn and white asparagus with hollandaise in summer. If you ask the staff, they can certainly guide you in which wine goes best with the dish you want.

Everyone is welcome at Josephine's, regardless of whether there are just two of you or a slightly larger group. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy and the perfect place to unwind after a long day or day at work. You actually don't need any reason or excuse to go - just do it!