Horse-drawn Carriage Rides through Dyrehaven Woods

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Klampenborg Station

2930 Klampenborg



Dyrehaven, a mere 15 mins ride north of Copenhagen, is renowned for its natural beauty and its large population of free-ranging red, fallow, and Sika deer that can be viewed grazing in the woods or in the open plains. Just imagine yourself on a ride through these centuries-old woods, snugly wrapped in blankets, listening to the clippety clop of the horse-drawn carriage. You will find the open horse-drawn carriages right outside the main exit of the Klampenborg S-Train Station. Simply contact one of the carriage drivers and tell him what tour you have in mind. Expect to pay around DKK150-400 depending on the length of the tour.

Klampenborg Station

2930 Klampenborg

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01 Jan 11 / 31 Dec 20

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