Harbour bus

The yellow harbour buses take you up and down the harbour on a regular bus ticket. And they’re running on electricity.

Go on a “green” journey through the city and see Copenhagen from the waterside. Not only are the Harbour buses an efficient means of public transportation in Copenhagen, but it’s also a big part of the city’s hard work of lowering its CO2 emissions. Actually, the Harbour buses are both NOx- and particle-neutral.

At the same cost as a regular bus ticket, you can get from Sluseholmen in the south all the way to Refshaleøen in the northernmost end of the Copenhagen harbour. In the summer of 2020, the old Harbour buses running on diesel where taken on land, and replaced with two, new electrical ones. They can transport up to 80 people, and outside of rush-hours even 8 bikes and four strollers or wheelchairs.

The Harbour bus route consists of 9 stops located on each side of the water, as the yellow ferries zig-zag between places like The Royal Library, Islands Brygge, Nyhavn and other places where you can get off and explore.

Please note that the Harbour buses have two different route numbers: 

  • Havnebus 991 - direction: Teglholmen (south)
  • Havnebus 992 - direction: Refshaleøen (north)