Green Bike Tours

Explore the green and sustainable Copenhagen with Green Bike Tours.

Green Bike Tours offer several guided tours in Copenhagen focusing on sustainability and green urban development.

On the 2-3 hours sustainable and green bike tours and walking tours, you'll be doing Copenhagen like a local. 

On tour 1: The Sustainable Capital of the Future, you will discover and experience a capital that plans to be carbon-neutral by 2025. The carbon-neutral capital strategy includes a lot of initiatives concerning transportation and green mobility, energy supply, adjusting to climate changes and green architecture. For anyone with an interest in sustainability, green thinking and urban development, this is the perfect tour.

The tour takes place every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Book your spot on the website.

On tour 2: The Sustainable Walking Tour in Cool Copenhagen, you will together with your green guide dig into the Sustainable Development Goals and explore why Denmark is the world leader in achieving the goals! This tour takes place around the old city centre, with visits to classical highlight and hidden gems, but with an alternative, framing compared to traditional guided tours. If you want the perfect mix between classical city exploring and sustainable development, this is the tour for you.

This tour takes place every Friday from 3-5 pm. Book your spot on the website.

For all tours, you will be guided by green guides with a special interest and deep knowledge of the green city.

Bike tours in Malmo - The sustainable city of the future

Green Bike Tours also offer similar guided bike tour in Malmö.

During the 3 hours tour by bike, you'll find yourself in one of the showcase areas of sustainable urban planning; the Western Harbor. After that, you will cycle through beautiful parks and the old city centre. The tour focuses on green architecture, urban sustainable planning and energy-efficient building, as well as recycling, green roofs, renewables, biking and water management.

This tour is on every first Saturday of the month from 10 am to 12.30 pm.

All tours (also other tours on the website) can be arranged on other dates for private groups by writing the contact email.

New in 2021: Live virtual guided tours

The green guides from Green Bike Tours are now delivering 1 hour online virtual guided tours from Copenhagen, Berlin and Malmø. The tours are both for individuals as well as organisations, companies or universities and designed as "study trips" demonstrating green urban city lifestyle from the guides' home to your home or institution.