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You don't have to go to a museum just to eat at a museum restaurant. Gemini has long since established this with their views and exquisite dishes.

At the Planetarium you can walk in a dome under the stars and feel at one with the universe. At restaurant Gemini, you can enjoy a dining experience that takes you into another universe. Gemini specialises in Nordic ingredients of the highest quality that contribute to a sublime experience.

Both lunch and dinner are available. Lunch consists of a composed 4-course menu, while the evening offers a full 7 courses. You also have the option of choosing from the a la carte menu if you're feeling less hungry.

Gemini is fantastically located in the heart of Copenhagen, on top of Skt. Jørgens Sø, which provides a fantastic view and tranquillity that you won't find in many other places. Even though you're in the middle of the pulsating city life, it's easy to forget that at Gemini. The combination of great ingredients, great views and a great experience means you can't go wrong!