Emmerys - Hellerup

Photo: Finn Frandsen
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Strandvejen 102A

2900 Hellerup


Phone:3964 7760

Emmerys characterizes itself as a modern grocery store with its own bakery and coffee roasting house. Emmerys in Hellerup offers baked goods that you can enjoy outside on a sunny day.

Emmerys is especially known for its excellent organic bread and delicious cakes. But the shops also carry domestic as well as imported specialities.

At Emmerys you'll find deluxe chocolate, organic apples, wines, pesto, tea, coffee, oil, and many other things in the small shops. Everything is top quality and much of the goods are organic.

You can also get a fresh sandwich made to order. Or why not buy a whole picnic basket for lunch or dinner in the open?

Strandvejen 102A

2900 Hellerup



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