Duffy Boat Rental

Fill up the boat with family and friends, and see Copenhagen harbour and canals in a Duffy water limousine with your own captain.

Take a beautiful beat trip with Copenhagen's Duffy boats, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Copenhagen's harbour and canals. Compared to other rental boats, a Duffy boat is the limousine of the harbour. You can just lean back an relax while Duffy's captain takes you around Copenhagen's waters.

The boats are silent, stable and requires no license to sail. They are equipped with the latest technology, electric and thus eco-friendly with a comfortable cabin. The boats are equipped with sofas and two tables, which allow you to bring your own picnic basket or let the Duffy crew prepare one for you. The smallest boats can accommodate eight people, and the biggest 11 people plus the captain.

Duffy boats are hand-built and produced in California. In 2014, Duffy Boats received an award for producing the world's best electric boats. The boats have sailed on Lake Michigan and in the canals of Florida.

Duffy boat rental also arranges scheduled tours for individuals.

Duffy is open from April 18th until September 30th.