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The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective is much more than just good coffee and good service. They stay in close contact with the coffee farmers to ensure quality all the way from farm to cup.

It started in 2007 with one small roastery and a strong desire to bring speciality coffee to Copenhagen. Now 17 years later, The Coffee Collective includes 8 coffee shops in Copenhagen and 1 in Aarhus. The Coffee Collective is widely recognised as one of the pioneers of the Scandinavian style of coffee bar design and roasting, with an emphasis on lighter roasts and more acidic coffees.

The Coffee Collective is founded, owned and operated by Klaus Thomsen, Peter Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen, a team with numerous awards under their belts, including gold in the Barista World Championship and the World Coffee Tasting Championship. They are true coffee nerds, and with The Coffee Collective they continue to explore the potential and possibilities of coffee.


Roastery and coffee courses
The Coffee Collective is more than just a coffee shop. In addition to a roastery where fresh coffee is roasted and picked up every day, The Coffee Collective also has a "coffee school" where you can dive into the flavourful world of coffee and find your fa-vourite brewing method.


Conscience coffee
The goal of The Coffee Collective was to make quality coffee without compromise, but more importantly, to ensure that the coffee farmers they buy their green, untreated beans from are paid fairly for their labour. That's why The Coffee Collective has been buying coffee directly from farmers since 2008, cutting out as many steps in the supply chain as possible.


Where to find them
You can find The Coffee Collective in many locations in Copenhagen, but each visit will feel like a new experience. Each of the locations has its own focus. For example, the premises in Jægersborg are the first and therefore oldest in their history, and the coffee bar in Godthåbsgade is a combined roastery and coffee bar where you can enjoy your coffee while watching the roasting process. See the full overview of The Coffee Collective's locations here.