Café Victor

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Ny Østergade 8

1101 København K


Phone:3313 3613

fax:3313 4134

Café Victor in Copenhagen opened as a French/Italian-inspired brasserie in 1981. Always inventive and dynamic, and the café offers a splendid opportunity to indulge in excellent cuisine.

'See you at Victor!' is the going phrase, at least if you're a celebrity or working on becoming one. At this classy café there's a good chance of bumping into actors, authors, international business moguls - they're all here.

The first thing one notices is the huge window front, welcoming all to take a closer look. Inside, the café is tastefully decorated and lighted, and the open kitchen flames with activity.

Victor has friendly waiters and many regulars talking across tables, lending a special atmosphere to the place.


Ny Østergade 8

1101 København K

Opening hours

01 Oct 12 / 31 Dec 20


08:00 - 01:00


11:00 - 00:00

01 Oct 12 / 01 Dec 20


08:00 - 02:00

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