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A modern harbourfront area with public squares, exhibition spaces and much more.

Besides being a distinctive building on Copenhagen’s harbour, BLOX with its public squares, urban living and bike bridge is a great example of the city’s development and sustainable urban planning.  

When entering the iconic structure, designed by world-renowned architect firm OMA, you can visit Danish Architecture Centre, the café BLOX Eats, the design shop and enjoy the views of the harbour. Outside, families can explore the playground and relax on recreational areas by the water.

Transforming Copenhagen's harbourfront

At BLOX, a once rather deserted part of Copenhagen has been transformed from a boring parking area to a vibrant urban space and a meeting point for everyone: families, fitness fans, cyclists, architecture-buffs and more. This, combined with the new infrastructure in the form of the bike bridge Lille Langebro, makes BLOX a great example of the sustainable urban development which characterises today’s Copenhagen. Here, around the former industrial harbour, life has returned and there are plenty of experiences to get involved in. 

Bring the kids to the playground, visit the exhibitions outside on the squares or inside at DAC and get a hands-on understanding of modern architecture, design and sustainable urban development.