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The small and cozy wine bar by the name of Bar’Vin is located on Skindergade in the very heart of the inner city of Copenhagen. Here the menu is created to fit the diverse and broad wine card and consists mainly of seasonal Danish products cooked with Mediterranean inspiration and technique.  

Bar’Vin is a wine bar that, in spite of the name (which translates to “just wine”), is much more than just wine. The bar and eatery are based on their big passion for wine, which also shows in both the carefully selected menu and the interior. The wine card consists of a large variety of biodynamic wines, organic wines, and also conventional wines, that mostly all come from small wine farms. The menu at Bar’Vin was composed to create dishes that perfectly accompany the wine and includes a selection of Spanish, French, and Italian dishes. Both wine card and menu change regularly as they are closely connected to seasonal and regional products.