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Backhaus Brown

Backhaus-Brown - Working glass workshop, gallery & shop.

Beautifully located at Hundested Harbour you will find Backhaus-Brown. The architectural lines of the building are designed with respect for the surroundings and inspired by the location of the water.

The glass workshop appears like a gem on the harbour, a little "Black Diamond" that proudly overlooks the Kattegat and the entrance to Isefjord, located on the quayside in the heart of the harbour, where yachts and small fishermen dock or sail right past.

Inside the shop, you will be greeted by a stylish and unique design, beautifully displayed in the store and gallery. In the centre of the shop, you will find a workshop with workstations and a glass oven.

Here you can see Nanna and Andrew working every day with their art and following the emergence of beautiful glass products. It is a very special experience to come here. Here is calmness, art, traditional craftsmanship and a very special atmosphere and soul.

From the workshops large panoramic windows you can see the sea, the entrance to Isefjord, the harbour and the small Rørvig ferry, which passes on its daily trips between Hundested and Rørvig.

Hundested Harbour is today a very special mix of new and old innovations, artists, galleries, cosy restaurants, modern brewery, jazz, blues, lectures, barbecues, small ferries, trains, traditional fishing, fishmongers, true old-fashioned smokehouse, wind farms and the harbour industry. The harbour also hosts The Herrings', Beers' and Apples' day, the international sand sculpture festival as well as a part of Copenhagen Cooking.

Here the atmosphere is nice and calm with the beautiful light from the water on three sides as well as the smell of sea and harbour which fills the senses.