Carlsberg byen
Carlsberg byen

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Photo:Thomas Høyrup Christensen&Andreas Raun Rosendahl

The Carlsberg City District

A strong cultural heritage comes to life in Copenhagen’s newest neighbourhood, The Carlsberg City District. A unique neighbourhood, where historical buildings are flanked by modern residencies.

The Carlsberg City District is deeply rooted in the history of the Copenhagen-founded brewery Carlsberg. The district’s ground used to be a former “island”, in the sense that it used to be a closed industrial ground. This brewing era has left behind a distinct fundament and exceptional heritage for the district to be built upon, handing the neighbourhood various presents in the form of historical buildings and industrial and scientific history.

With every great city district comes a great food scene

Besides being home to an architectural and historically unique setting, The Carlsberg District is quickly also becoming a gastronomic destination. Every restaurant is handpicked, making sure that only one pizzeria, one burger joint and so forth is located within the same zone creating small independent food scenes.

Carlsberg  byen

Where to eat in Carlsberg Byen

Photo: Andreas Raun Rosendahl

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