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Copenhagen names central square in the name of LGBT

6 February 2014, Copenhagen City Council decided to name the square next to Copenhagen City Hall Rainbow Square in the name of the LGBT flag. It is a celebration of equal rights.
Friday, February 7, 2014

The naming of the small but central square has been up for discussion for a long time, and on a cold February evening, Copenhagen City Countil finally agreed on the baby's name. 36 votes for, and only 9 against, so a large majority decided on the name Rainbow Square, inspired by the LGBT flag.

"In countries all over the world sexual minorities meet eminent discrimination. In Russia that opens the Olympic Games today the discrimination is obvious. I hope visitors and spectators will show their aversion against the Russian laws on sexual minorities during the Games. Or look at Uganda where homosexuals face life in prison. It’s absolutely unacceptable. We want to mark to the international word that all sexual minorities should have equal rights,” says the Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration Morten Kabell (Unity List).

25-year anniversary of registered gay partnerships

Denmark is known as a very liberal country. Denmark was the first country in the world to allow homosexuals to enter into a registered partnership. The first registered partnerships in the world were entered across the street at Copenhagen City Hall in 1989. 25 years ago in 2014. Today homosexuals also have the right to be married in church and adopt children.

“We want to contribute to the fight for liberty and equal rights for sexual minorities. I’m pleased that a vast majority of the Copenhagen City Council back the name “Rainbow Square”. The square is located just next to the City Hall and will be seen by thousands of Danes and tourists every year,” says Morten Kabell.

The Rainbow flag is the global flag for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in the world. It was used for the first time by homosexuals during the International Pride in San Francisco in 1978. The flag quickly gained ground and has spread to LGBT communities all over the world. In 2013 the Copenhagen City Council also decided that all buses should flag with the rainbow flag during the Copenhagen Pride.

Neighbour to Eurovision Fan Mile

The new Rainbow Square will be neighbour to the Eurovision Song Contest celebrations in Copenhagen in May 2014, when the Eurovision Fan Mile runs from City Hall Square to Nyhavn, and the Eurovision Village is only five minutes walk down the mile.

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