Things to experience in Copenhagen during Christmas include the annual Christmas decorations put on display at the historic Hotel D'Angleterre.

Where to eat on Christmas Eve in Copenhagen

It's hard to find a time of the year where the Copenhagen streets are more empty than during dinner time on 24 December. This is why you should find yourself a cosy restaurant to nestle up in and enjoy a delicious Copenhagen Christmas dinner. Here are a some of the best options.

The Red Square, Superkilen | Giuseppe Liverino

Christmas at the Red Square

Celebrate Christmas with 200 other Copenhageners when Michelin chef, Christian F. Puglisi and the restaurant Send Flere Krydderier (translated to Send More Spices) invites you over for Christmas. The menu is a mix of traditional Danish Christmas food and dishes from all over the world. The goal of the event is to celebrate the holidays across generations, religions, cultures and Christmas traditions.

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