What the He** is koldskål?

What the He**

Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

Okay, do you ever wonder about the Danes and go What the He**? What's up with the weird stuff they like to eat, drink and do and so on? Well, we try to answer your questions the best we can.

Ladcykel? What the He** is that?

Ever wondered what the he** is up with that funny bike so many Copenhageners are riding on? In this little video, we’ll be trying to answer all your questions about the Ladcykel (Cargo bike).

Copenhell? What the He** is that?

What the he** is Copenhell? We asked festival guest Stefan, who thinks Copenhagen is peaking during Copenhell! 

Koldskål? What the He** is that?

Is koldskål a meal or a dessert? What is a "kammerjunker"? And should you crumble it, break it in half or eat it whole? This video will answer all your questions about this very Danish and traditional summer dish. Chances are, though, that it’ll probably make you crave trying out some Koldskål.

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