Danish design & architecture

Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic. Quality. Danish design, whether it is furniture or clothing, is known all over the world for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style. On a larger scale, the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen is inspired by light, water, open spaces and sustainability.

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INDEX: Award

INDEX: Award is not only the biggest design award in the world, but probably also the most important.

The importance of INDEX: Award lies in the unique, over-arching theme of Design to Improve Life – a concept which has established INDEX: Award as a global, inspirational design beacon.

The City of Copenhagen won an award in 2013 for their Climate Adaption Plan.

8 House | Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Copenhagen's architectural masterpieces

Bold urban planning and world-class architecture is shooting up alongside Copenhagen's old historic buildings and palaces. Here are the must-sees.

 Arne Jacobsen, Danish design in Copenhagen

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen is a beacon in Danish design and architecture. Traveling to Copenhagen, it is impossible to miss his great designs. Arne Jacobsen is renowned worldwide for his elegant and timeless furniture such as The Swan, The Ant Chair, The Egg and many other classics. 

Israels Plads, photo Ursula Bach

New urban oasis: Israels Plads

Copenhagen's new central square, Israels Plads, is like a flying carpet from which pedestrians can view the city.

Danish design shops

Functional. Elegant. Timeless simplicity. Danish Design is all those things and more. Here is our shopping guide to the best interior design stores.

Normann Copenhagen, VisitCopenhagen

Why Copenhagen is the finest design showroom

Copenhagen is very much a capital of design – the city is filled with design brands, shops and inspiration. Here are some of the best places to get your design fix when you're here.

Area guide: Architectural Ørestad

Ørestad is a neighbourhoods in Copenhagen built around nature, water and architecture. Check out the award-winning VM Mountain and 8Tallet designed by architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG).

Architecture | Superkilen in Copenhagen | VisitCopenhagen

Design and architecture activities

In Copenhagen you will find a broad range of inspiring museums, activities, walks and events for the design and architecture aficionado. See some of them here.

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark | VisitCopenhagen | Photo Rasmus Hjortshøj

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group is behind this acclaimed architectural masterstroke situated in the old harbour town of Elsinore North of Copenhagen. 

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Copenhagen architecture film

Take a video tour of Copenhagen's major architectural sights.

Cirkelbroen / The Circle Bridge

New bridge: Cirkelbroen

World-renowned Danish-Islandic Olafur Eliasson has designed the new bridge Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge), a great adding to the Copenhagen harbour.

Cykelslangen | Photo: Connie Maria Vestergaard

Architecture tours by bike

beCopenhagen is a perfect opportunity to discover Copenhagen's architectural landmarks first hand and get around the city like the locals do it. 

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Iconic bike bridge, Cykelslangen

The architectural beauty Cykelslangen (The Bike Snake) connects the city and takes cyclists from Vesterbro to Islands Brygge in a cool and comfortable way.  

6 architecture and design must-sees in Copenhagen | VisitCopenhagen

6 architecture and design must-sees

These 6 places perfectly capture Copenhagen’s strong design and architecture heritage. All designed for life, and pretty cool to look at too.

Han Kjøbenhavn | Photo: Martin Heiberg

Top 10 Danish fashion

Many of the leading Danish fashion brands have their own flagship store in the city centre, but you should also take the time to discover upcoming Danish designers located in small boutiques around the city.

Finn Juhl's house

Visit designer Finn Juhl's house

Experience the true spirit of Finn Juhl (1912-1989) in his private home in Charlottenlund, North of Copenhagen. His house is a textbook example of his project as an architect and as a furniture designer.

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