The colourful houses of Copenhagen - and where to find them

Any colour you can imagine, there's probably a house somewhere in Copenhagen that looks somewhat like it. We've rounded up 8 of our favourite streets where you should go hunting for colourful, crooked houses.

#1 Larslejsstræde


The blue house in Larslejsstræde in central Copenhagen has almost become an attraction in its own right. Nearby Larsbjørnsstræde and Teglgårdstræde are also well-worth checking out for both the houses and the atmosphere.


#2 Sankt Hans Gade

Sankt Hans Gade

Sankt Hans Gade is one of relatively few streets in Nørrebro that delivers on that pastel-coloured goodness. Tip: Nearby bars The Barking Dog or Nørrebro Bryghus are excellent choices for kicking off a night out in Nørrebro.


#3 Sofiegade


Extra special and extra crooked, this house on Sofiegade in Christianshavn is a must-see.


#4 Overgaden Oven Vandet

Overgaden Oven Vandet'

We're staying in Christianshavn for this one. When you're in the neighbourhood, do yourself the favour of climbing the tower of The Church of Our Savior.


#5 Nybrogade


The canals and nearby Christiansborg are worth it alone, but Nybrogade also sports an impressive colour palette of houses.


#6 Nyhavn


No further explanation needed, really.


#7 Gernersgade


Although it's located in the heart of Copenhagen, Gernersgade and the surrounding streets are quite tranquil, as they are mostly used for residential purposes. Nyboder is a stone's throw away and worth checking out, too.


#8 Olufsvej


By far Østerbro's most colourful street, there's also a really nice ice cream shop here.

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