Christiansborg Palace

Pay a royal visit to Christiansborg Palace in the very heart of Copenhagen.

Christiansborg Palace is where the queen welcomes official guests, hosts royal banquets and the magnificent venue for lush events. Get behind the scenes of the splendid halls and the royal kitchen.

The palace is also home to the Danish Parliament and it holds unique stories from Copenhagen’s establishment and up until today.

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Christiansborg Palace | VisitCopenhagen | Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Opening hours and prices

See when the Palace Chapels, the Royal Kitchen, the Royal Stables, the ruins and all the other attractions are open. 

Christiansborg Palace | VisitCopenhagen | Photo Mikkel Grønlund

Visit the royal Christiansborg Palace

At the majestic Christiansborg Palace you will follow in the footsteps of royal families, politicians and prominent world leaders in the grand halls and royal reception rooms.

Here, the Queen carries out her official duties, just like the palace is home to the Danish Parliament.

See what is happing at Christiansorg Palace – including the brand new exhibition in the Royal Kitchen.

Ruins under Christiansborg Palace

Ruins under Christiansborg Palace

When the present Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen was constructed, the National Museum took care to excavate and protect the ruins of the Palace's oldest predecessors, Bishop Absalon's Castle of 1167 and Copenhagen Castle that replaced it.